Nikiana Lefkada



  • Hydro-massage  (6 posts)
  • Aero-massage
  • Chlorination of water with natural salt
  • Hot Water
  • Personal trainer’s ability
  • Use by appointment (max 4 people) – private area


  • Reverse swimming system
  • Aqua Bike
  • Aqua Treadmill
  • Rowing system
  • Aquatic fitness accessories
    1. Body belt for Aqua jogging
    2. Aquatic fitness long bar
    3. Straps for upper body exercising
    4. Aqua Bars
    5. Specialized exercise equipment for leg and hand exercising
    6. Collars and boards for rehabilitation treatment
    7. Flexibeam pool noodles


Aqua Gym Training  (Free use of instruments)
Personal Training   (Special program with trainer)
Aqua Fitness  (35 minutes circular training)
Aqua Fitness-Weight loss
Aqua Aerobic

Hotel Facilities

The recently renovated facilities of Villa Thomais Luxury Living – Aqua Gym & Spa now include a newly built aqua gym & spa. You can enjoy the benefits of exercising as well as moments of relaxation in our outstanding facilities.

Make a reservation and enjoy the hydromassage and the aeromassage. Exercise in the indoor swimming pool practicing rowing techniques, running, exercise the upper parts of your body using  resistance belts and practice swimming exercises using the system of contrary swimming.

On our roof garden you can enjoy the small green valley of Episkopos full of the everlasting olive trees, the bloomed orange trees and the imperious cypresses. The valley meets on the east the Ionian Sea and on the west the sides of Scaros mountain which are full of oak trees.

Enjoy your coffee, your drink, fresh salads, various snacks, ice – creams and much more in the garden or in the roof garden or in the dining – room.

Next to the lobby is our breakfast room.  A pleasant surprise is waiting for you in there.  You might have heard or read about the “Thomais” breakfast but it is completely different to experience it.On a round buffet table you can taste our carefully selected homemade dishes, that you rarely see in hotels.

You can start with a hot coffee, a fresh orange juice and continue with our home made jams such as fig – apple, carrot, tomato, pear, orange etc according to the time of the year.Then you can try our apple pie, mixed cake, “boiled” chocolate cake, crepes, small cheese pies with yoghurt paste or spinach-cheese and pumpkin-cheese pie.You can also taste other local specialities such as sesame rolls and salamis, fresh fruits, yoghurt, different types of quality cheese and sausages, boiled eggs, omelettes, olives and the rest of a typical buffet.